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Get this bundle of gastrointestinal products at reduced price and revitalize your gut.



Premier Max Probiotic is a vegetarian, dairy- and gluten-free, four-strain probiotic totaling 30 billion CFU per capsule. Each vegetarian capsule is sealed in nitrogen-purged aluminum blister packs to serve as protection from factors proven to compromise stability of probiotics such as heat, moisture, and oxygen. Premier Max Probiotic provides four researched strains of beneficial bacteria, including the extensively studied HN019 strain of Bifidobacterium lactis. These live microorganisms have proven health benefits and well-established safety, and have been tested for epithelial cell adhesion and/or resistance to low pH.*



In simplest terms, a prebiotic is the food for a probiotic or the good bacteria in our GI tract.Versatile prebiotic formula to optimize gut microflora, improve bowel function and support the immune system.

PREMIER PRE BIOTIC is a distinctive formulation of soluble dietary fiber with prebiotic activities that stimulates growth of colonic populations of beneficial bacteria and enhances gastrointestinal and systemic immune function in multiple ways. It combines chicory inulin and oligofructose, highly effective prebiotics, with the immunomodulating actions of larch arabinogalactan and purified yeast beta-glucan.

3. Digestive Enzymes

A unique digestive enzyme that can thrive in both acid and alkaline environments. This means that digestion is aided even in the presence of stomach acid. This specialized formula is designed to breakdown proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for optimal digestive efficiency.

This high-potency, multi-enzyme formulation offers an unusually complete range of plant/microbial-based enzymes that work in concert to help maintain normal enzyme levels that support the body’s digestive capabilities and assist intestinal repair mechanisms. The broad-spectrum combination of Enzymes in Premier Digestive Enzymes maximizes the breakdown, absorption, and utilization of macronutrients from the widest spectrum of foods, including proteins and protein peptides, carbohydrates, disaccharides, and sugars, lipids/fats, and vegetable fibers. As such, these digestive enzymes can serve as an important dietary adjunct for individuals requiring maximal nutrient uptake and for those with compromised gastrointestinal function such as maldigestion, malabsorption, dysbiosis, or intestinal inflammation.



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