North America's Top Doctors

Dr. Screven Edgerton has been featured in the first edition of:

 North America's Top Doctors- Share Secrets to Anti-Aging & Wellness

Dr. Edgerton joins ten experts in writing about optimal health through natural options.  Some of the topics discussed include detoxification, inflammation, male menopause, and perimenopause.

Kick-off your health journey with North America's Top Doctors and end it by achieving the ultimate trinity in health: physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Glean important insights through our featured doctors' expertise and opinions formed by years of experience in their fields of anti-aging and wellness.

A must-have resource on the prevention and treatment of joint pain, diabetes, menopause symptoms, obesity and so much more, this book is for people with both serious health issues and for those who want the latest on exercise and nutrition. Everyone can learn from North America's Top Doctors

North America's Top Doctors

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